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n the attempt to predict the future on the basis of expert opinion, market research, trend projection, leading indicators, and other modalities.
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While Real-To-Reel's five-year business plan provided a market study of the targeted audience for Street Games, financial projections for production costs were more than the company had anticipated, says Davis, the company's 38-year-old vice president.
The inclusion of financial projections in this press release should not be regarded as an indication that such projections will be an accurate prediction of future events, and they should not be relied on as such.
ESTATE CONSULTING REQUIRES advanced counseling skills and empathy in addition to gathering information about assets, doing the financial projections, educating the client, having the client define his or her goals, making proposals on how to implement those goals and laying them out in a comprehensive plan.
The financial projections below were based on the Financial Forecasts and were utilized by J.
Norman Cohen was retained by John Berg to review financial projections for the Cooper River Office Building Associates limited partnership.
The two areas affected are: the addition of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) section and the addition of a Financial Projections section.
NEW YORK -- Moody's Analytics, a division of Moody's Corporation (NYSE: MCO), today announced that it has acquired Financial Projections Limited, a UK-based provider of credit training services.