filtration slits

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slit pores

the intercellular clefts between the interdigitating pedicels of podocytes; they are part of the filtration barrier of renal corpuscles.
Synonym(s): filtration slits

filtration slits

The spaces between the pedicels on the glomerular basement membrane through which water, glucose, amino acids, and other chemicals pass as they become renal filtrate.


passage through a filter or through a material that prevents passage of certain molecules, e.g. capillary wall, blood-brain barrier, radiographic grid.

filtration angle
developmental or acquired distortion of this part of the eye is the common cause of glaucoma. It is the space bounded by the sclera externally, the ciliary muscle posteriorly, the root of the iris medially and the anterior chamber of the eye anteriorly. Within the space is the filtering mechanism, a mass of anastomosing mesodermal spindle cells with many perforations between them.
filtration barrier
the physiological function which limits the passage of small molecules through the renal corpuscle.
glomerular filtration
the process by which glomerular filtrate is formed, involving the balance of pressures across the walls of the glomerular capillaries.
inherent filtration
attenuation of the primary x-ray beam as a result of its passage out of the x-ray tube through the insulating medium and tube window.
filtration membrane
the membrane which stretches across the filtration slits in the renal corpuscle.
filtration pressure
the net driving force which pushes fluid into tissue spaces and out of vascular sites; the net result between capillary osmotic pressure and intravascular hydrostatic pressure.
filtration slits
openings in the glomerular corpuscle which are part of the filtration process in the renal glomerulus.