Homicide of a child followed by the parent’s suicide
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A financial crisis has also been described as one of the important factors that precipitates filicide-suicide among Chinese in other countries such as Hong Kong.
In both cases, parents have attempted filicide-suicide, and in both cases the parent survived.
Experts say the fact that Rauscher's depression was evident may have been the only warning sign that foreshadowed the killings - technically known as filicide-suicide.
Police in Lane County say they can't recall any previous local filicide-suicide case.
Studies show that it's tough to identify filicide-suicide risks in families, which makes prevention difficult.
Resnick said that while the incidence of filicide-suicide is no more common nowadays than in previous eras, suicides generally spike during difficult economic times, when people have more trouble making ends meet.
The study by Resnick's group shows no strong link between divorce or separation and filicide-suicide.
Twice as many fathers as mothers committed filicide-suicide in the study.
Those cases involving female subjects comprised maternal filicide-suicide.
The case involved attempted maternal filicide-suicide.
A deluded 'altruism' appears to be the primary motive in maternal filicide-suicide, [8] and altruistic reasons were found in both maternal filicide-suicide cases in this study.
Almost half of the mothers had previously attempted suicide, and over half (56%) had planned joint filicide-suicides.