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Sd30 antigen positivity in respect to IgM level in different groups of arthritis patients from filaria endemic region Cases Sd30 (+)ve Sd30 (-)ve No.
Placing this under the microscope, I was gratified to find that, so far from killing the filaria, the digestive juices of the mosquito seemed to have stimulated it to fresh activity.
Intraocular filaria, a Loaina species, from man in Colombia.
A new zoonosis of the cerebrospinal fluid of man probably caused by Meningonema peruzzii, a filaria of the central nervous system of Cercopithecidae.
Coverage and compliance to diethylcarbamazine in relation to Filaria Prevention Assistants in rural Puducherry, India.
008) were less likely to have knowledge of filaria as a mosquito-borne disease than literate and class I, II and III respondents and whereas respondents living in joint families had more knowledge of filaria as mosquito-borne disease (OR: 1.
Biting times for village mosquitoes and human filaria transmission potential of Aedes polynesiensis and Aedes pseudoscutellaris.
of patients Final diagnosis Serologic diagnosis Direct diagnosis Filaria Infection 45 18 Schistosoma Infection 17 20 Hookworm Infection 36 Trichuris Infection 18 Ascaris Infection 9 Strongyloides Infection 5 Fasciola Infection 2 Enterobius Infection 1 Blastocystis Infection 4 Note: Table made from bar graph.
There are 42 Filaria and Malaria clinics and 7 Leptospirosis clinics functioning at the Taluk and Non-Taluk hospitals in selected districts of the State, besides 1421 PHCs and 9 Zonal Entomological Teams.
DEC is distributed by filaria prevention assistants (FPA)-health workers, Anganwadi workers and volunteers such as women self help group members and Panchayat members.
At the time of the Ugandan outbreak, Manson (11) believed that the disease was linked to Filaria perstans (now known as Mansonella perstans), a blood-dwelling nematode of no clinical importance.
Residential colonies maintained by the industries like Andhra Pradesh Paper Mill (APPM) which is situated in the heart of Rajahmundry town often remain separated from Government health facilities, specially for National Filaria and Malaria Control Programmes and managed by their own health infrastructure (Personal communication: The Chief Medical Officer, APPM).