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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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Each fiefdom had its own director who was chosen and supervised by the local chief judge of the trial court .
It was a classic example of fiefdoms where the individual sales divisions worked very independently, selling the products of their specific division (detergent, paper, foods, household cleaning products, etc.
In areas vacated by the Taliban, former warlords such as Ismail Khan in the western city of Herat and Rashid Dostum in the north's Mazar-e-Sharif simply took back control of their old fiefdoms.
Again, all this was appropriate for the autocratic monarchies, empires, and feudal fiefdoms that preceded more democratic societies.
But classrooms - and what goes on within them - are not private fiefdoms.
These women have now joined the Congress to carry forward the interests of their husbands and to also ensure their jailed husbands ruled their fiefdoms by proxy.
Tory leader David Cameron yesterday called for the break-up of the NHS, with hospital bosses running their trusts as individual fiefdoms.
Even his supporters acknowledge that the main difference with the past will be the replacement of bombastic pronouncements and aggressive attacks on perks and fiefdoms with a softer, more technocratic approach.
New Jersey second-graders branded "terrorists" over a paper gun, kids in Maryland playing "too rough" tag, and a Florida boy who drew a picture of a deadly "laser" gun, are all smacked down by public school apparatchiks bent on bringing order to their Orwellian fiefdoms.
He begins his tale with the final days of Siad Barre, whose bloody dictatorship set the stage for the country's collapse into rival clan-based fiefdoms.
Leaders of those fiefdoms might set up walls of protectiveness.
Landed property empires and rentier fiefdoms may not be the unchallenged sources of power they were, bu land speculation and land-use contests are hardly becoming ghosts in the RAM machine of cybernetic real estate.