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fiduciary (fidoo´shēerē),

n a person who has a duty to act primarily for another's benefit, as a trustee. Also, pertaining to the good faith and confidence involved in such a relationship.
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Claims that have been made about the justification for fiduciary duties reflect two analytical strategies.
For example, numerous lawsuits have been brought against attorneys and accountants in various savings and loan failures, in which the plaintiffs alleged that the CPAs knowingly assisted in breaches of other parties' fiduciary duties.
The FLP's partnership agreement should not waive the state-imposed fiduciary duties of the general partner toward the limited partners.
The fiduciary duties owed by majority or controlling shareholders, however, may not necessarily extend to the sale of stock.
7) It excluded from the definition of a "right" any power constrained by fiduciary duties.
Agents do, generally, owe fiduciary duties to their principals, and not only in the insurance industry meaning of "agent.
This article analyzes the fiduciary duties among shareholders of the closely held corporation.
These costs, the court explained, are "solely attributable to a trustee's fiduciary duties, and as such are fully deductible under [section] 67(e)"
Insurance agents and brokers, for example, have fiduciary duties and corresponding liabilities, as do executors of estates, trustees of organizations, and guardians.
Walder's violations of law, unsafe and unsound banking practices, and breaches of fiduciary duties to UBS and its customers in connection with his embezzlement of funds for personal use.