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Abbreviation for free induction decay.


abbreviation for free-induction decay.


Abbreviation for free induction decay.


(de-tek'tor) [L. detector, revealer]
A device for determining the presence of something, e.g., an image detector.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.

flat field image detector

Flat panel image detector.

flat panel image detector

An image detector, usually composed of selenium or silicon, used in digital radiography to convert x-rays into light or an electronic signal.
Synonym: flat field image detector

image detector

Any device used in radiology to receive and record energy emitted in imaging from its source. Examples of image detectors are x-ray cassettes, imaging plates, ultrasonic transducers, and flat panel detectors.

lie detector


optical detector

The sensor in a typical colorimeter or photometer that senses the light transmitted by the sample.

radiation detector

An instrument used to detect the presence of radiation.
See: dosimeter

Toftness radiation detector

A device promoted as a means of detecting energy released by damaged spinal nerves. It was used in the late 20th century in chiropractic. The device has no diagnostic or therapeutic value and is illegal to use in the U.S.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.
See also: detector
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In addition to bank connectivity services through Fides, Reval's STP Community integrates FX trading, market data service delivering over 680 curves spanning all asset classes, and a certified SAP Service module.
Le present article compare la production de deux editeurs quebecois, les Editions du Levrier, maison dominicaine, et les Editions Fides, propriete de la Congregation de Sainte-Croix.
As John Paul II says in Fides et Ratio, "theology needs philosophy as a partner in dialogue in order to confirm the intelligibility and universal truth of its claims" (1998, [section] 77).
From 1928, Credit Suisse had an accounting subsidiary called Fides Trust.
Fides suggests that the celebs could find better things to spend their money on.
Before we examine the history of fides et mores, we should note that Vatican I used the terms twice in other contexts.
Fides also questioned the motives of people who spent thousands on a sacred symbol and forgot the poor.
Fides said the list does not include the sixteen Protestant Christians killed in a Catholic church in Pakistan, the hundreds of dead in Jos and Kano in Nigeria, and those massacred in the Indonesian islands of the Moluccas and Sulawesi.
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The transfer of S stock was analyzed first as to the bona fides of the transfer as to who was the appropriate taxpayer, and second as to whether such a situation (which clearly lacked economic reality) could, largely on an ipso facto basis, indicate fraud on the taxpayer's part.
Swiss Volksbank, a major retail banker in Switzerland; Fides Trust Ltd.
Fides, the largest pharmaceutical distributor operating in Slovakia, was bought out by the German company Phoenix, in December 2003.