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Fibrolipoma shows only CD34 staining; while, fibromatoses shows Vimentin positivity, but is negative for CD34.
At least 1 report (4) has stated that up to 5% of desmoid-type fibromatoses stain with desmin.
The largest of these studies44 included 30 desmoid fibromatoses, 80% of which showed positive nuclear staining.
Ideally, the pathologic diagnosis of the whole group of fibromatoses should be restricted to tumors that are derived from fibroblasts.
Desmoid-type fibromatoses involving the brachial plexus: treatment options and assessment of c-KIT mutational status.
Recentdevelopments in the histological diagnosis of spindle-cell carcinoma, fibromatoses and phyllodes tumor of the breast.
Only a handful of case reports describe primary solid tumors of the mesentery, predominantly including fibromatoses, followed by neurofibromas, teratomas, carcinoid tumors, germ cell tumors, and primary neoplasms composed of either smooth muscle, blood vessels, or fat.
Included in this latter group are nodular fasciitis, fibromatoses, angiomyofibroblastoma, sarcomas with a prominent myofibroblastic component, and malignant fibrous histiocytoma.
Aspirated schwanommas occasionally show Antoni A and Antoni B areas, with Verocay body formation Fibroblastic-myofibroblastic Fibrous hamartoma of Small bland oval cells stripped of infancy[18] their cytoplasm, occasionally admixed with mature adipose tissue Infantile Overlap with features of fibromatoses myofibromatosis[19] "Adult-type" Variable cellularity, with bland to fibromatoses[20] reactive fibroblasts that lack significant atypia or pleomorphism.