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(fē′bē-gər), Johannes Andreas Grib 1867-1928.
Danish pathologist. The first to produce cancer experimentally, he won a 1926 Nobel Prize.
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With ink, Canada has always been on a higher level than in the United States", recalled Mr Fibiger.
Christian Fibiger has been named vice president and global therapeutic area head for neuroscience research, while Paul Pearson has been appointed vice president of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism.
As of 1999, the nine winners of this award are peter Birrell, FTSC; Walter Fibiger, FTSC; Shirish Patel, FTSC; Alan Gray, FTSC; John Ambury, ATSC; Bob Purnell; Doug Pratt, LTSC; Gord Parker, ATSC; and Bill Smith, FTSC.
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Stereotypic behaviors in rats can be introduced by dopaminergic stimulation of the striatum and can be abolished by intrastriatal blockage of dopaminergic transmission (Arnt 1985; Fibiger, Fibiger & Zis, 1973; Creese & Iverson, 1972).
Similarly, damage to the VTA neuron terminals produced a dramatic decline in cocaine self-administration (Roberts and Koob 1982, 901; Roberts, Corcoran, and Fibiger 1977, 615).
Archaeologists Mark Clinton, Linda Fibiger, and Damian Shiels use textual evidence to date a mass grave at Carrickmines to 1642, and historian Vincent Carey uses archaeological research done on skeletal remains from Smerwick to argue the case for war crimes in 1580.
Activation of the amygdala may be a common neurophysiologic marker of craving, regardless of the drug involved (Goldstein & Volkow 2002; Brown & Fibiger 1993).
As such, researchers had thought women were spared from conflicts due to their potential childbearing value, Fibiger told Live Science.
Raw food and treats for dogs and cats continues to be a growing trend in the pet natural food category," said Jeremy Fibiger, Manager Food & Treats, Unleashed by Petco.
Today, the wasp moths are included in the Noctuoidea: Erebidae: Arctiinae: Arctiini and have been divided into 2 subtribes Ctenuchina y Euchromiina (Lafontaine & Fibiger 2006; Lafontaine & Schmidt 2010; Zahiri et al.