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J.K.W., 20th-century obstetrician. See: Ferguson reflex.
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Ferguson remained outside, and the colonel ushered me in.
Mr Ferguson kicked the waste-paper basket savagely.
The reader may wonder what was the trouble--why Mr Ferguson could not stalk out and brusquely dispose of his foe; but then the reader has not employed Master Bean for a month.
Ah, Bean,' said Mr Ferguson, flitting rapidly, 'you still here?
But we can't stop here all night,' said Mr Ferguson, feebly.
You are not required to 'suppose' things for the party, Ferguson.
However, we will proceed now to the Louvre, Ferguson.
We got no sight of the countless treasures of art in the Louvre galleries that day, and our only poor little satisfaction was in the reflection that Ferguson sold not a solitary silk dress pattern.
Ferguson was voted there and then, and it at once attained the handsome amount of two thousand five hundred pounds.
Ferguson to come in," was the quiet remark of Sir Francis M .
Upon the death of the estimable captain, Samuel Ferguson, then twenty-two years of age, had already made his voyage around the world.
It was not until ten o'clock that Daylight parted from Ferguson.