Female Ejaculation

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The expulsion of copious clear fluid by human females from Skene’s (paraurethral) ducts during or before orgasm.
Constituents of female ejaculate Researchers isolated the fluid and found that in contrast to urine, it has higher levels of PAP, PSA and glucose and lower levels of creatinine. That the female ejaculate contains PSA and PAP means that these can no longer be regarded as reliable markers of rape
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The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported in December 2014 on a French study that analyzed the biochemical makeup of female ejaculate fluid.
Salama may have documented the participation of the bladder, but no fewer than five studies have reported significant chemical differences between female ejaculate and urine.
A group of researchers at Dalhousie University conducted a study of the chemical composition of female ejaculate fluid back in 1984.
Today, the debate over the composition of female ejaculate seems, at times, driven to achieve a similar effect.
In her G-spot workshops, McKee explains that both male and female ejaculate contain traces of urine, since they are both fluids emitted from the urethra.
I wrote the first set of instructions on how to female ejaculate in "Q: What Shoots and Sprays, Shoots and Sprays, Shoots and Sprays?
In the video How to Female Ejaculate (1992), Sundahl conducts a cervical self-examination.
And, it is written by a woman who has over twenty years practical experience teaching other women how to female ejaculate.
This would explain why, if the female ejaculate at orgasm is semen, unlike the case in birds, nothing is ever constituted from it in quadrupeds--or by extension women--and would shore up what might seem to be a serious weakness in OFR's theory.
These relationships suggest that female ejaculate incorportion (as male ejaculate production was not measured) is correlated with male production of ejaculatory donations and that such production is costly to males.
The thicker, whiter, frothier quality of the male semen is a hint that it is more powerful, more likely to act as an efficient cause, than the thinner, less pristinely white, and more watery female ejaculate or the still red, even less concocted, menstrua.
They talk about female ejaculate, why silicone lubes should not be used with silicone toys and discuss the merits of plug-in vibrators versus portable.