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wool, or wool/synthetic mix of various thicknesses (2, 5, 7 mm) and compressive qualities (semicompressed, compressed) spread with adhesive mass; shaped and applied to the foot as clinical padding (or fixed to a temporary insole) to realign non-fixed joint deformity, deflect pressure from painful areas, realign areas within the foot, and act as a carrier of medicaments (see Table 1)
Table 1: Functions of clinical padding materials
Compressed feltTo apply moderate leverage to a segment of a foot, such as a forefoot or rearfoot wedge
Semicompressed feltTo protect vulnerable tissues and reduce the rate of reformation of hyperkeratotic lesions, such as after the enucleation of corns, by cutting a U, a wing, a cavity or a hole in the padding material to correspond to the site of the lesion
To reduce compression on soft tissues imposed e.g. by ground reaction forces and underlying bony prominences
To substitute for lost or atrophic tissues, e.g. overlying a bony prominence
To carry a medicament, e.g. where salicylic acid paste is applied to a lesion by locating the medicament in a cavity within the semicompressed felt pad
Felt and foamTo combine the benefits of both semicompressed felt and polyethylene foam in one material
Polyurethane foamsTo cushion an area lightly
To infill a cavity, wing or U in a semicompressed felt pad
Polyethylene foamsTo provide a degree of cushioning, e.g. where soft tissues have undergone atrophy
To infill a cavity, wing or U in a semicompressed felt pad
Fleece/fleecy webTo aid retention of a small sterile gauze dressing
To reduce friction at the skin surface, after local callosity has been debrided
To reduce shear stress in areas of tissue subject to bursa formation


woollen fabric used as lining for harness.

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Q. how can I know if a lump I felt is breast cancer or just a normal one? Yesterday I felt a lump in my right breast, a small one, is there a way to know if it’s cancerous or not? I don’t want to do a lot of fuss over nothing, you know, spending few days going to sea a gynecologist, doing mammography and all that.

A. Your part in self diagnosis ended when you found a lump. Now it’s the Doctors time to check it up.
Here are couple of sites that might help:

I hope it’s not breast cancer.
Good luck

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Traditional Kyrgyz products, particularly the popular embroidered felt hats and chess sets with traditional figures, is something to take home," said a visitor from Lebanon.
Dressed in traditional white felt hats they massed in the capital, Bishkek, and prayed for the dead while friends and family laid flowers.
Scholars think that the expression originated from the use of mercury in the making of felt hats.
While visiting the design market one can see a large choice of traditional and classical favorite souvenirs such as carved wooden beer mugs, fun felt hats, juniper coasters and limestone candle holders, which could be an ideal gift for a foreign friend.
Hats come in all sorts of styles and shapes--ball caps, derby hats, straw hats, sombreros, felt hats, fedoras and berets, to name but a few.
Felt hats, tweed jackets, plaid blouses and coats and Rainbow Brite stockings were all part of the mix, as well as another nod to the '80s high-top sneakers.
They wore green jerseys, brown breeches and brown felt hats.
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In their traditional tall felt hats and brilliant white garments, turners whirl in unison, attuning to the music of the heart.
In England, a single factory employing 1500 people was simultaneously making beaver hats, silk hats and felt hats from lesser quality furs and wools for sale in Europe and America.
bold 70s prints, tunic shifts, square toed boots in funky colours, t-bar shoes, bright tights, skinny scarves, floppy felt hats