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Most felons are non-violent and deserve to have their rights restored.
Ramirez that, indeed, the authors of the Fourteenth Amendment specifically wanted to deny felons the right to vote and it was a state's prerogative to do so if there was a compelling state interest.
McAuliffe's effort to restore voting rights to felons is seen among Republicans as an effort by the Democratic governor to garner more votes for Democrats in the upcoming election.
This is important because, according to the Justice Department, the recidivism rate-the rate at which felons commit new crimes--is alarmingly high, more than 50 percent for many types of offenders.
FELON DISENFRANCHISEMENT in Florida has a long and ugly history.
With a presidential election nearing, felon voting rights is likely to remain a popular topic as candidates from both parties have expressed support for re-engaging citizens whose votes could make a difference in some states.
But the benefits of re-enfranchising felons outweigh the potential problems.
Trying to keep guns out of the hands of felons is praiseworthy.
Jackson, (56) where the court associated a heightened public danger with felons possessing firearms and applauded N.
The Second Circuit, in refusing to label Alsol and Powell as aggravated felons merely because the state could have prosecuted them as recidivists, correctly concluded that the ruling body must base an alien's status as an aggravated felon on an actual conviction.
to prevent dangerous felons from falling through the cracks when it comes to firearm possession," (6) it is not clear that the drafters of the new statute considered all of the potential consequences arising from the changes.