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The fish came with a Fell Terrier housed in a kennel outside," Todd Carson, Managing Partner of DKC, said, adding that the centre is running to capacity with 86 dogs and an equal number of cats, besides other species.
The working dog version of the Lakeland is often know as the fell terrier or Patterdale terrier.
The Lakeland terrier is one of many terrier breeds which originated in the Lake District of England as a descendant of the old English black and tan and fell terriers.
Andrea, 38, who spent 10 years working for the Duke of Roxburghe's sprawling estate in the Borders, will be accompanied on her rounds by her fell terrier, Mac.
But now I will be accompanied on my rounds by just one companion ( my fell terrier, Mac.
Two of the dogs were Lakeland Fell terrier bitches which were specially bred for shows and can fetch up to pounds 2,000 each among dealers.