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Arthur, Polish bacteriologist, 1887-1956. See: Weil-Felix reaction, Weil-Felix test.
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Then," said Felix, "I move that the name be The King Monthly Magazine.
Felix will edit the jokes and the Information Bureau, and Cecily must be fashion editor.
Never mind that," cried Felix, "but tell us the story.
From this time Felix was more employed, and the heart-moving indications of impending famine disappeared.
When I returned, as often as it was necessary, I cleared their path from the snow and performed those offices that I had seen done by Felix.
My thoughts now became more active, and I longed to discover the motives and feelings of these lovely creatures; I was inquisitive to know why Felix appeared so miserable and Agatha so sad.
But they are already of the same kin," Felix remarked.
Felix half rose to pick it up, but was suddenly checked by a quick gesture from his companion.
Felix broke into a little laugh as the man retired.
I do not want," Felix said, "to seem impatient, but you must remember that I have come all the way from Europe in response to a very urgent message.
He had heard that Sir Felix had left College with the character of being little better than a revolutionist in politics and an infidel in religion, and he arrived conscientiously at the conclusion that it was his bounden duty to summon the lord of the manor to hear sound views enunciated in the parish church.
They lived part of the time in France and part in Germany--always keeping themselves in the strict retirement which the morbid sense of his own personal deformity had made a necessity to Sir Felix.