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After 5 min for fish to acclimate to the new source of food, feeding behavior of the fish was recorded at 4-s intervals until fish lost interest in the food.
This allows us to measure individual animal feeding behavior without influencing it.
gordonii extract on the feeding behavior of a close relative to the native species of tenebrionid beetle, we hope to develop results that can be compared to the species of beetle that would potentially feed on this plant in the wild (Hamilton et al.
In a study by Volkow and colleagues (2002), when DA deficient mice were treated with DA in the dorsal striatum, feeding behavior was restored.
A field observation on the feeding behavior of Crotalus viridis lutosus.
Greenstone (1999) noted that starvation, generally undertaken to increase the likelihood of feeding, might alter metabolic rates and therefore affect feeding behavior.
Ultradian rhythmicity of ghrelin secretion in relation with GH, feeding behavior, and sleep-wake patterns in rats.
Visual rehabilitation was evident on the basis of improved tracking and feeding behavior, and the owl was eventually released into the wild.
West Nile Virus epidemics in North America are driven by shifts in mosquito feeding behavior.
Bull trout from Creston NFH reared for experiments in facilities across the country have yielded basic, yet vital life history information on incubation, growth, thyroid hormone levels, physiological changes associated with migration, diet and feeding behavior, thermal tolerance, and predator avoidance.
DiStefano speculates that estrogen might cause some of these effects through the hormone's action on the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that controls many aspects of feeding behavior and energy metabolism