Feeder Vessel

A general term for any larger bore vessel that supplies a region or neoplastic growth, e.g., a spider angioma
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Transworld Group and Nawah have already initiated joint cargo movement from Jebel Ali Port to NPM's Port of Basra terminal with containers from Transworld Group's Balaji Shipping Lines transiting via NPM's feeder vessel service into southern Iraq.
Cetus J is the first feeder vessel to berth at London Gateway making Teesport the first port to receive a vessel of this type from the London based port.
The motor carrier transferred the cargo to the APL's ship agent then onto their feeder vessel, the Sima Tara, on 3 July 2006.
Endometrial lesions are usually pedunculated, which means blood flow to the entire lesion has to go through a small stalk to get to the lesion--and that's the feeder vessel.
In the past year no Indonesian ship served as feeder vessel between the country and Singapore.
APL brought the shipment into the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr aboard the feeder vessel Sima Tara.
If Doppler imaging does not identify a feeder vessel, SHG is advisable, because many smaller lesions can be missed if infusion is not done, Dr.
A Feeder Vessel ships it to the Port of Cape Town, where it is transshipped on a Deep Sea Vessel heading to the Tilbury Container Services terminal, where it's unlocked and unloaded.
The number of feeder vessel calls has increased by 30%.
Her angiogram revealed a faint tumor blush without a significant feeder vessel.
IRIDEX Corporation (Nasdaq:IRIX) announced that Medicare will begin to cover transpupillary thermotherapy (TTT) and feeder vessel (FV) laser protocols to treat wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in the state of California.
The 19-man crew of the other ship u a Singaporean feeder vessel named Simaman u managed to put out the flames in the bow section themselves.