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In aggregate, the employee base of the new customers totals approximately 2,200, and provides a concrete example of the breadth of new market opportunities that our fee for service business can address," Fjelstad said.
Group practice physicians generally favor fee for service arrangements, yet studies of those providing services for HMOs show mixed preferences for capitation versus fee-for-service payment and there is evidence suggesting that an increasing number of physicians practicing in fee-for-service group practices are being paid on a salary or modified salary basis.
RTW, Nasdaq:RTWI) announced today that it entered into its first workers compensation claims servicing agreement on a fee for service basis.
In addition to offering the development kit, Avnet Design Services is offering certified design engineering resources, on a fee for service basis, to assist customer designing with emWare and Motorola products as a way to speed customers' time to market.
to provide 24x7 Telephonic Nurse Triage services for the members of the nation's first Medicare+Choice Private Fee For Service Plan.
Under capitation, the HMO pays the Company a per-member, per-month fee for all diagnostic imaging services, exclusive of magnetic resonance imaging, bone densitometry and OB ultra sound which will continue to be billed on a fee for service basis.
Under a fee for service subcontract to TRW, Qwest Communications International Inc.
7, 1997--An important part of the company's earnings base is the fee for service business established four years ago.