Morbid Fear of Sex

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Women shouldn't have to live lives where their movements in public spaces are restricted, or to live in fear of sex attacks.
As Schaeffer writes, "Since the 1970s the American culture wars have revolved around a fear of Sex and women no less insane and destructive than any horror story to come out of Afghanistan.
Vaginismus - a spasm of the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance - which is nearly always caused by fear of sex.
FEAR of sex is common after a heart attack but the risk is very low.
Each song represents a different monster I have encountered on my travels; a fear of sex, a fear of alcohol, a fear of love, a fear of death, it goes on.
But there are two problems - my fear of sex and the fact she is 15 years older than I am.
But they are difficult for gay men to discuss because many of us have vestiges of an internalized homophobia, which turns into a kind of internalized erotophobia, a fear of sex and pleasure, which is a part and parcel of the puritan streak in this country, where sex is used to sell everything except sex education.
Christian teaching "is frozen into frigidity by fear of sex.
Or, to take another example, a 1923 letter in which Woolf marvels at modern youth for their sexual freedom and knowledge of contraception is presented as evidence for a eugenicist fear of sex without procreation, then applied as an established fact to Woolf's comments on masculine isolation in A Room of One's Own.
This article identifies three main constructs that have influenced social work response to sex work: 1) the notion that women needed to be protected for their own good; 2) social control and competing class values and; 3) the fear of sex, specifically female sexuality.
FIONA SAYS: Fear of sex isn't uncommon - for men and women alike.