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Abdellah, Faye Glenn

Etymology: b. 1919
a nursing theorist who introduced a typology of 21 nursing problems in 1960 in Patient-Centered Approaches to Nursing. The concepts of nursing, nursing problems, and the problem-solving process are central to Abdellah's work. The typology is divided into three areas: (1) the physical, sociological, and emotional needs of the patient; (2) the types of interpersonal relationships between the nurse and the patient; and (3) the common elements of patient care. It was formulated in terms of nursing-centered services that can be used to determine the patient's needs and to teach and evaluate nursing students. It was based on systematic research studies. The typology provided a scientific body of knowledge unique to nursing, making it possible to move away from the medical model of educating nurses. The nursing diagnosis classification system may be considered an outgrowth of Abdellah's typology.
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