Oily Fish

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A fish with 2% fat by weight. Oily fishes are 'good for you' given their high omega-3 fatty acid content
Examples Catfish, herring, mackerel, mullet, pilchards, trout, salmon, sardines, tuna—fresh
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The American Heart Association recommends that people eat fish, especially fatty fish, at least twice a week to lower their risk of coronary heart disease.
Fatty fish and nuts also contain zinc, which helps to prevent acne.
It is remarkable that so little fatty fish consumption, at least monthly, was associated with such striking findings in the asthma study," Nettleton said.
Department of Agriculture (USDA) will help to underscore the important health benefits of canned tuna and other fatty fish for people of all ages.
And the only places to get vitamin D--except the sun or a multi--are milk, fatty fish, or fortified foods like breakfast cereals.
Natural food sources of DHA are limited primarily to fatty fish and organ meat causing Americans to have among the lowest dietary intake of DHA in the world.
Yet many people over 50 get too little D from sunshine, especially in the winter, or from their food--the major sources are milk, fatty fish like salmon, and fortified cereals.
Eating omega-3 rich foods like fatty fish and nuts can prevent mental decline.
This may be because dietary sources of DHA are primarily limited to fatty fish and organ meat.
Too many omega-6 fats (found in soy, corn, and other oils) don't cancel out the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega-3 fats that are found in fatty fish like salmon, as some researchers had feared.
Other scientific findings discussed in the newsletter further the prospect of bioengineering oilseed plants to produce DHA, which is naturally found in algae and consumed in human diets via fatty fish.
And when it comes to fatty fish, you can't beat salmon.