fatigue strength

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fa·tigue strength

the stress level below which a particular component will survive an indefinite number of load cycles (typically about 50% of the ultimate strength of the component).
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However, according to the damage accumulation theory of Lemaitre, the micro plasticity deformation will generate as long as the stress exceeds the fatigue limit of material, which will lead to the damage accumulation.
It joins Federal-Mogul's range of IROX technologies, which the company says reduce friction and improve the wear resistance and fatigue limit of the bearings used in today's highly evolved downsized engines.
The ferrous materials become horizontal however most of non ferrous materials have curve slopes downward gradually with no fatigue limit as shown in figure 1
Due to the absence of a fatigue limit, a further slope k* = 44.
The special spring steel material must be high strength, high rigidity, high fatigue limit and acceptable plasticity and tenacity.
The plotted lines represent the median S-N curves which were calculated according to the random fatigue limit (RFL) model [4, 15].
The same manner of elastic wave was repeated after this loading step, and the specimen reached fatigue limit at 235k times during the loading step.
f] is the fatigue limit, c represents the surface crack length, and F represents the boundary correction factor.
Papadopoulos, "Independence of the torsional fatigue limit upon a mean shear stress," International Journal of Fatigue, vol.
Among the topics are calculating thermal dissipation, the effects of stress concentration on fiber reinforced composites, estimating fatigue limit in interior inclusion induced fracture mode for bearing steel in rotating bending, failure mechanism of high strength steels, and the influence of high-cycle fatigue on crater wear characteristics of cemented carbide tool.
This fatigue limit is around a third to a half of the tensile strength, depending on the alloy.
For the VW nylon materials and composites studied, the fatigue limit in terms of maximum stress at R = 0.