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Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]


/fa·tal/ (fa´t'l) mortal; lethal; causing death.


Etymology: L, fatum, what has been spoken
causing death.


Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]


causing death; deadly; mortal; lethal.

Patient discussion about fatal

Q. which is the most fatal cancer type?

A. pancreatic- cancer that develops from pancreas cells:


Q. Which among them is fatal? I want to know the types of bipolar disorders and how to differentiate them? Which among them is fatal?

A. Bipolar disorders are of 3 types: Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymic . Bipolar 1 affected person has severe mood swings from high mania to depression and here treatment is given for mania. A bipolar 2 disorder episode involves mild mania also called hypomania that alternate with depression and this depression episode needs treatment. Cyclothymic disorder person have milder mood changes.Bipolar 1 person tend to have more fatal symptoms.

Q. Is arthritis a dangerous illness? Is it fatal? My girlfriend was diagnosed with arthritis 3 days ago and I'm really scared. need to know some details...

A. so is there anything I can do to help her?

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The widely accepted sociological explanation for the emergence of this spider-woman fatale figure in American noir of the 1940s and early 50s sees her as a product of the accession of women to positions of greater economic independence, even as ex-servicemen struggled to re-enter the family and the workforce.
The femme fatale is a politically overdetermined figure, animated by strong and often contradictory cultural forces.
The popularity of the association between women, snakes, and temptation even spread to the theatre where actress Sarah Bernhardt, a femme fatale in both her professional and private lives, portrayed characters such as Medea and Cleopatra.
Drawing attention to the still persisting association between the powerful women and immoral sexuality in the collective psyche, McLaren notes that the rhetoric and literary convention of the femme fatale instantly becomes a part of the political discourse whenever ambitious women in search of power appear on the political scene, and she mentions the case of Mao Zedung's wife, Jiang Quing, as a quite recent example of this attitude.
Fear Me's dam Femme Fatale came from the same litter as the 2003 Oaks fifth, Lizzie Larsson, the family having been a fruitful source of winners ever since coming up with the 1976 Irish Derby victor Tain Mor.
Furious (Ben Stiller), dead pan Shoveller (William Macy), and femme fatale Bowler Janeane Garofalo) aren't exactly the League of Justice.
Altman said he had always wanted Blanchett to play the femme fatale who turned from an exotic dancer to a suspected double agent working for both the French and the German military intelligence.
In the movie, Natasha Fatale, played by actress Rene Russo, wears a pair of Eyewear LA sunglasses worth pounds 400 and we've got a similar pair to give away as our top prize to one lucky reader.
THE first femme fatale hairdresser was played by Hedy Lamarr in the 1949 film Samson and Delilah.
Imabelle, as the femme fatale in A Rage in Harlem, is described as "a cushioned-upped, hot-bodied, banana-skin chick with the speckled-brown eyes of a teaser and the high-arched, ball-bearing hips of a natural-born amante" (6).
Britney Spears: Femme Fatale Premieres in November on Epix and EpixHD.