fat substitutes

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fat sub·sti·tutes

(fat sŭb'sti-tūts)
Substances that have some of the same properties as fat but are not recognized by the body as such and are thereby not absorbed.
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Other high-tech fat substitutes were developed quickly and and are now awaiting FDA approval if they are not yet on the market.
If FDA approves the new fat substitutes, they could conceivably cut the risks of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and possibly even cancer by helping people eat less fat and fewer calories.
Foods made using Nurture fat substitute may be cooked or frozen, enabling its use in formulating a wide variety of fat-free frozen desserts, cake icings, salad dressings, butter substitutes, candies, and many other food products.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A new study showed that synthetic fat substitutes used in low-calorie potato chips and other foods could backfire and contribute to weight gain and obesity.
The next additive to assault our intestines was Procter & Gamble's fat substitute olestra (which P&G recently sold to a smaller company).
EATING crisps containing the fat substitute Olestra, designed for slimmers, can speed up the removal of toxins from the body, say German researchers.
The launch of a lower fat version of Pringles in the UK is the most public sign Procter & Gamble has abandoned any plans to introduce its Olestra fat substitute in Europe.
Oatrim is a powdered, soluble oat fiber that an ARS researcher in Peoria, Illinois, originally developed as a natural, low-calorie fat substitute in foods.
Not only is the safety standard for such additives higher than that for supplements, but FDA must pre-approve any additive before it is sold--as it did the fat substitute olestra 2 years ago (SN: 2/3/96, p.
Lycopene absorption is also hindered by soluble fiber and cholesterol-binding resins used to lower serum cholesterol--and, of course, by the fat substitute olestra.
Or, most gag-inducing of all, having explained how Olestra, a fat substitute, causes "fecal urgency" and "anal leakage," he points to a magazine photo of an Olestra-filled peach pie and inquires, "Who among us won't be tempted to slice a little bigger piece or have an extra helping?
Olestra, a controversial fat substitute manufactured by Procter & Gamble, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is now being used in an experimental brand of no-fat salty snack foods.