Fat Man

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The code name for the atomic bomb used in World War II on Nagaski on August 8, 1945, which shortly thereafter led to Japan’s surrender
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No," he said, "I have never set my two eyes on that big fat man before in all my life.
Near to Jikiza, on his right hand, sat a fat man with small and twinkling eyes, who watched the maid Zinita greedily.
No sooner had the wagon stopped than the little fat man turned to Lamp-Wick.
Two gentlemen were waiting in it; one was a little, fat man, with black hair; and the other--a portly personage in a braided surtout--was sitting with perfect equanimity on a camp-stool.
How is it, O strangers," asked the old man solemnly, "that this fat man (pointing to Good, who was clad in nothing but boots and a flannel shirt, and had only half finished his shaving), whose body is clothed, and whose legs are bare, who grows hair on one side of his sickly face and not on the other, and who wears one shining and transparent eye-- how is it, I ask, that he has teeth which move of themselves, coming away from the jaws and returning of their own will?
Others collected round the coach, and gave vent to various surmises; some held that she had fallen asleep; some, that she had burnt herself to death; some, that she had got drunk; and one very fat man that she had seen something to eat which had frightened her so much (not being used to it) that she had fallen into a fit.
I am a materialist, and I am a gross, fat man -- Falstaff, eh?
No,' said a great fat man with a monstrous chin,' I don't know much about it, either way.
He was a bulky, fat man, very strong in the matter of book-keeping, and very weak in everything else; round as a round O, simple as how-do-you-do, --a man who came to his office with measured steps, like those of an elephant, and returned with the same measured tread to the place Royale, where he lived on the ground-floor of an old mansion belonging to him.
The husband of Princess Betsy, a good-natured fat man, an ardent collector of engravings, hearing that his wife had visitors, came into the drawing room before going to his club.
The fat man, without waiting for my complaint, wheezing heavily and in a tone as if he himself were incredulous, con veyed to me the news that Falk--Captain Falk- had declined--had absolutely declined--to tow my ship--to have anything to do with my ship--this day or any other day.
This is Razumov," Sophia Antonovna repeated loudly for the benefit of the fat man, who at some distance displayed the profile of his stomach.