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A type of loosely structured interval training for runners, cyclists, and in-line skaters, which combines high-intensity segments with the athlete’s regular training pace to build strength and speed
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Rather, push your fartlek efforts a bit to increase your heart rate.
Similar to the unstructured running known as fartlek, these workouts can take place in a field, on trails, along roads or on a track if you prefer.
Two people get to demonstrate the principles of Fartlek training using the medium of contemporary rhythmic gymnastics - twirling one of those ribbons on a stick.
There's no questioning the fact that runners need different kinds of running such as fartlek, tempo, speed, distance, long slow distance, and hills; however, this type of training has been the main method used for many years and it has not produced very many exceptional runners.
The remaining two sessions should include both hills and fartlek training.
You can even add some circuit exercises at different points during the run, this is probably a little less traditional but it's something my coach throws into my fartlek sessions.
Fartlek is a word that could transform your work-outs and get you round the 10k course in a personal best time.
The days of not seeing the ball for two weeks have gone but the emphasis is still very much on fitness with fartlek training - that's the old walk-jog-run routine - and a proper run for two-and-a-bit miles.
The distance in parentheses below Fartlek runs includes a mile each of warm up and cool down, with the Farlek run as the remainder.
Sometimes for a change we do fartlek (process of short and fast spells of running), which I really enjoy.