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Sidney, U.S. pediatric pathologist, 1903-1973. See: Farber disease, Farber syndrome.
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Stephen Farber has been discussing movies for over three decades, sharing a passion for cinema that has endured numerous studio upheavals, countless celebrity crash-and-burns, and every evolving public taste.
Farber of the Carnegie Institution of Washington (D.
Farber, a founder and first chairman of the International Council of Shopping Centers and a leading developer during the nation's postwar suburban mall boom, died on July 28 after battling Parkinson's Disease.
In Lincoln's Constitution, Daniel Farber, a law professor and author or coauthor of five previous books on law and public policy, examines a defining event in American History--the Civil War--and critical decisions made by President Abraham Lincoln.
The fact is, before the writing or the painting came the looking, and Farber looks and sees like nobody else.
Another challenge is legal reform, says Flor Farber of Keepy, a family-run company that makes and sells children's clothing.
When Farber died in 1998, Rauschenberg announced that he wanted to make a gift to the school in her memory.
A variation on this argument--that the decline in AIDS deaths began well before the advent of HAART--was put forth by Celia Farber in the March, 2000 issue of Gear.
However, Farber and Heineman must be included on the list of trailblazers for introducing new methods of analyzing the period.
As the trial here got under way after a four- day break, Holley, spent most of the morning engaging in what seemed a fruitless nit-picking exercise to get Farber to agree that there was more than one definition of an OS.
As bibliographic instruction entered the 1990s, Farber (1992) wrote: "[The] problem [of faculty resistance to bibliographic instruction] is still with us.