Faraday effect

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Far·a·day ef·fect

(far'ă-dā e-fekt')
Result of planar rotation of polarized light seen when solutions are placed in a magnetic field.
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The phenomenon known as Faraday rotation could be the reason.
Currently, there is no practical way to detect gravitational Faraday rotation.
Gravitational Faraday rotation should leave its fingerprints on such compact regions close to a black hole.
Measuring the cluster magnetic field power spectra from Faraday rotation maps of Abell 400, Abell 2634 and Hydra A, A and A, 412, 373 (2003).
To design CFCL junction with [pi]/4 Faraday rotation angle, the hybrid approach combining finite-difference frequency-domain technique, method of moments and mode matching technique (FDFD/MoM/MM) is applied.
used a property known as Faraday rotation for radio tomographic imaging of the magnetosphere.
According to the coupled-mode model [1] in such section the gyromagnetic coupling occurs resulting in Faraday rotation effect.
Chapter 3 discusses anisotropic and polarizable media, the concept of group and phase velocities, the gyromagnetic medium, Faraday rotation and waves in plasma.
The quasi-optical ferrite devices that can function as duplexers are based on the principle of Faraday rotation, in which the direction of the electric field of a linearly polarized wave traveling parallel to the magnetic field sufers a certain rotation per unit distance.
In particular, bismuth-substituted yttrium-iron garnet films (Bi:YIG) have very high magneto-optic Faraday rotation coefficients and low optical attenuation at wavelengths in the near infrared (1.