Faraday effect

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Far·a·day ef·fect

(far'ă-dā e-fekt')
Result of planar rotation of polarized light seen when solutions are placed in a magnetic field.
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In the paper, Chen predicts a new effect that can be used to detect the gravitational Faraday effect.
Specifically, the observed X-ray polarization of a gravitationally microlensed quasar should vary rapidly with time if the gravitational Faraday effect indeed exists," he said.
Faraday effect or Faraday rotation is a magneto-optical phenomenon.
In our case we are interested in assessment of electro-optic Kerr effect induced fiber PMD and Faraday effect induced state of optical polarization change influence to optical signal transmission.
Over a 100 years later, it was realized by the Bloembergen group at Harvard, in particular Peter Pershan, that the Faraday effect could be reversed, a circularly polarized laser pulse can induce magnetization in all material.
These constraints have deterred availability of Faraday effect isolators for on-chip optical systems till date.