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Increase access to family farm food through expanded farm to school programs, farmer cooperatives, food hubs and farmers markets;
During Family Farm Fest, Old Sturbridge Village historians will demonstrate the many tasks involved in spring planting -- plowing with the oxen, harrowing, spreading manure on the fields, digging and prepping garden beds, fence-making, composting, and finally, planting.
Berry production primarily comes from multi-generation family farms in the berry-growing regions throughout North and South America.
Small family farms are disappearing one by one," he said.
So it was a bit of a shock to read in the current issue of The Atlantic magazine a couple of arresting statistics: Of all the farms in the United States that earn at least $1 million per year, 88 percent of them are family farms, and they account for 79 percent of all U.
The system would serve growers who formed cooperatives of small family farms.
Saving the family farm means preserving a middle class in society, according to Jon Bailey, director of rural policy programs for the Center for Rural Affairs in Walthill, Nebraska.
Goldschmidt found that the family farms produced a measurably stronger social unit.
If they live on a farm, it has become a hobby and interest as well as pride to maintain the inherited family farm.
Forever Home engagingly recreates the life of four generations on a family farm through the poet's senses, memory, and imagination.
There is growing concern about the future of the small family farm in Wales.
Any Damn Fool Can Be A Farmer" is informative, engaging, and highly recommended reading as Knopes presents a personal account of the joys and trials arising from life on a family farm.

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