artificial tooth

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ar·ti·fi·ci·al tooth

(ahrti-fishăl tūth)
A tooth made of plastic, porcelain, or metal used in a prosthetic device (e.g., a fixed or removable partial denture).
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FUNFA FAF IR fan Marianne Wells' almost choked to death on her false tooth at the Hoppings.
Marianne's day turned into a nightmare when she thought she was going to die after her false tooth and palate plate became lodged in the back of her throat and she collapsed.
I tried to cough up the false tooth but it wasn't moving.
Marianne, who is mar-ried to Brian, 60, had been eating a pork sandwich a the fun fair on Saturda y afternoon when she took a drink of [euro]zzy pop and her false tooth and palate plate became dislodged from the roof of her mouth and became lodged in her throat.
London, May 28 ( ANI ): Archaeologists have discovered what could be remains of the earliest false tooth found in Western Europe.
It is possible the pin once held a false tooth made from either wood or bone, which could have rotted away.
Every year thousands of patients are asked to decide between saving a tooth by root canal treatment or having the tooth extracted and replaced by some form of artificial false tooth.
Chewing with a false tooth is likely to be impaired and less pleasant.
Meanwhile, Cheryl asks Gilly out on a date, but it ends in disaster when they both lean in for a kiss to make Steph and Calvin jealous and Gilly's false tooth ends up in Cheryl's mouth, above.
The dentist also removed a molar, treated Dallas' lacerated gum and fitted him with a false tooth, Collins said.
An implant has four components: the anchor that is implanted into the jaw, the sleeve which is screwed into the anchor and juts up through the gums, the false tooth itself, and a tiny screw that attaches the false tooth to the sleeve.
A type of false tooth containing a tiny microchip that identifies its wearer has received Japanese and U.