parish nursing

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par·ish nurs·ing

(par'ish nŭrs'ing)
Nursing care and spiritual counseling provided by visiting nurses to members of a spiritual community.
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Report by Faith Community Nursing Association board adviser Elaine Tyrrell
Collecting the Wisdom: Harnessing the Power of Faith Community Nursing will be the title of an early spring conference for nurses, health professionals, health ministers, clergy and anyone interested in gaining skills in a caring ministry in their faith community.
Faith community nursing, recognized by the American Nurses Association in collaboration with the Health Ministry Association, is a specialty of professional nursing practice focusing on the intentional care of the spirit as well as the promotion of wholistic health and prevention or minimization of illness within the faith community (ANA, 2012).
Faith community nursing is poised uniquely to meet health care challenges of older adults, a group projected to increase even more as baby boomers age.
As a 2003 Carroll College graduate of the Parish Nurse Program, I was very interested in the development of the Faith Community Nursing Program and pleased to hear how this area of nursing remains relevant and vital to our Montana communities.
Faith community nursing was the name chosen for the specialty to expand the practice to faith traditions that do not relate to the word "parish.
The city had not encountered faith community nursing until 2012, when an American nurse introduced the concept with the Orthodox church in a poor suburb of concrete apartment blocks, surrounded by potholes and mud roads.
Their mission is to communicate a caring presence locally, regionally, and statewide while preserving, supporting, and advancing the professional practice of Faith Community nursing; and, unite Faith Community Nurses to nurture the professional development and practice of Faith Community Nursing within Wisconsin.
As per the new standards, the preferred minimum preparation for this specialty practice is a "baccalaureate or higher degree in nursing with academic preparation in community and population-based nursing," completion of a foundation course in faith community nursing consisting of at least 34 contact hours, and several other criteria that speak to spiritual beliefs/practices.
As strategic changes in American health care continue to occur, the new specialty practice of Faith Community Nursing (FCN) is quickly being identified as a unique response dedicated to advancing whole person health within the context of the values, beliefs and practices of a faith community.
Subsequent chapters consider the case manager in private practice either as a consultant or an entrepreneur and discuss current developments in case management, such as faith community nursing and telehealth case management.
Following the introduction to this expanded level of practice, the author explains the development of Standards, the Faith Community Nursing role transition, examines working in the faith community setting, integrating faith and health, maintaining standards of professional performance, and working with others in a leadership position.
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