Fairy Wand

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A perennial herb, the rhizome and roots of which contain steroidal saponins; it is diuretic; it is used by Native American and Western herbalists as a uterine tonic, for morning sickness, and to promote menstrual flow
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The fairy wand belonged Ashleigh's twin sisters Emily and Beth.
For example, his relationship with cocaine is illustrated by a giant badger holding a fairy wand.
This show needed more than Julian Clary's fairy wand to transform it into entertainment.
Childhood traumas with a fairy wand, when the star fell off midway through my solo song, probably did for my stage career.
Cat said: "I waved my magic fairy wand and Hurricane Bawbag left Glasgow as quickly as it came.
Following surgery, the staff and Pip's family were all amazed to discover that the offending object was a fairy wand -a toy belonging to either Emily or Beth.