Fainting Goat

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A breed of domestic goats which carries the gene for myotonia congenita which causes its muscles to stiffen for 5–10 seconds when startled, which often causes them to fall over (’faint’); they are otherwise completely normal
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Some notable breeds on the Conservancy's list include Texas Longhorn cattle, Clydesdale horses, Dominique chickens, and Tennessee Fainting goats, among others.
At this point I would have been going nuts, and I'm pretty sure I would have passed out like one of those fainting goats that tip over when they get too excited, so it's a good thing I wasn't there.
My wife and I compare these avoidance techniques to the actions of fainting goats.
At Ketonen-Clark Farm, a few people braved the driving morning rain to check out the pigs, miniature horse and fainting goats on display outside.
featured fainting goats and snails that paint in oils - all of them strange but true.
Fainting goats, cross-dressing cuttlefish and the Transylvanian naked-neck chicken are just some of the weird and wonderful creatures that dwell on Earth.
It features fainting goats, human-size chess pieces, and a bowling ball garden.
Several brief television spots employ a humorous reversal of this theme by noting that herd-following animals like sheep, wildebeests and fainting goats "do not make good CyberTraders.
It was called Fantastic Facts and contained items as diverse as fainting goats which refused to faint on the show, a 70-year old-man who slept until he was wakened to juggle fullsize banqueting tables with his feet and then he'd go back to sleep exhausted.
I now raise Fainting goats and mini-Nubian goats, Bourbon Red turkeys, various breeds of chickens, mostly Runner ducks, and one lonely miniature spotted donkey.
Two goat shows: Fainting goats and boer goats, music (everything from bluegrass to rock-and-roll), great food, crafts, flea market, storytelling, children's activities, a parade, and an antique tractor show.
Alpacas, Llamas, Donkeys, Zebra, Zedonks, Swans, Peacocks, Camels, Wallaby, Elk, White Elk, Deer, Chinese Water Deer, Quarter Horses, Norwegian Fjords, Fainting Goats, Sumatra Jungle Fowl, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, Crane.