Fail Safe

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Referring to a mechanism or device incorporated in a system that ensures safety, should the system fail to function properly
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SAP has used Oracle Fail Safe on both Oracle8 and Oracle7(TM) with R/3 systems on Compaq Proliant NT Clusters.
Oracle Fail Safe combines the reliability of the Oracle database with
Oracle's Fail Safe solution for NT includes Oracle's
universal data server with Oracle Fail Safe server for clustered nodes,
and Oracle Fail Safe Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager for system
Oracle Fail Safe will give Microsoft Cluster Server
The Fail Safe Control system offers measurable return on investment, and helps companies, like Sasol, meet critical production goals.
Honeywell's Fail Safe Control is the leading process safeguarding system used in safety-critical applications around the globe.
Honeywell Fail Safe Control FSC and PlantScape are registered trademarks of Honeywell International Inc.