Fail Safe

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Referring to a mechanism or device incorporated in a system that ensures safety, should the system fail to function properly
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Honeywell's Fail Safe Control system will help the Secunda plant meet its goals to reduce costs related to shutdowns and will help keep the plant profitable.
The Fail Safe Control system offers measurable return on investment, and helps companies, like Sasol, meet critical production goals.
Oracle Parallel Fail Safe is designed to optimize clusters hosting Oracle database servers by providing fail over processes for database and application servers in multi-node configurations.
VideoShare's application was ideal for the first-ever adoption and deployment of this Oracle Parallel Fail Safe system because of the company's advanced technology and infrastructure, as well as its strong relationship with both EMC and Oracle," said Chuck Loewy, Vice President and General Manager of EMC's Internet Solutions Group.
Featured products will include the DARManager Fail Safe and Hacker Safe, which are designed to deliver the optimal combination of system security, Internet-enabled remote monitoring and automatic reboot functionality for a robust and fully-integrated security system.
Golden Globe winner and Oscar-nominee Sidney Lumet's spectacular career has spanned more than 50 years, from theater, the Golden Age of television to stunning movie achievements that have included such films as 12 Angry Men, Long Day's Journey Into Night, Fail Safe, The Pawnbroker, The Anderson Tapes, Serpico, Murder on the Orient Express, Dog Day Afternoon, Network, Equus, Prince of the City, The Verdict, Running on Empty, Q&A, and Nights Fall on Manhattan.