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Jean C., French physician, 1818-1884. See: Faget sign.
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But if Faget did not deny them the right to prepare their own meals, he persistently sought to dissuade them from doing so.
The information Faget turned over to Cuba was based on a false story invented by the FBI for the sting operation.
Aptly called Millennium, a line of commemorative items by New Orleans artist Mignon Faget included a glass chalice, flute, plate and hurricane lamp, also at Abigails.
OAKWOOD CENTER RETAILERS -- Adler's, After Hours Formalwear, 1Aldo, American Eagle Outfitters, AT&T Mobility, Avenue, Bakers, Bank of Louisiana, Bath & Body Works, Best Image, 1Bouvier Gifts, Cafe du Monde, Champs, 1Charlotte Russe, Chick-fil-A, Claire's, demo, Dillard's, Dollar Tree, EyeMasters, Fame, Famous Wok, Finish Line, Foot Action, Foot Locker, 1Forever 21, Game Stop, 1Garden Fresh Grill, GNC, Gold Factory, Gordon's, Great American Cookies, 1Hole and One, 1Jazzy Bear, JCPenney, Journeys, Kay Jewelers, Kids Foot Locker, Lady Foot Locker, 1Lids, Luciano Pizzeria, 1Margarita's Del Rio, Mignon Faget, 1Mochaccino's Gourmet Coffee & Tea, Motherhood Maternity, Mr.
Olesen, Mogens Noergaard: Refleksioner vedrorende eksamensforlobet i januar 2009 i faget matematik.
Davis was picked on at school because of his cross-dressing, an experience recalled in his song Faget, and he became addicted to amphetamine shortly before he joined the band.
They included, among others, such luminaries as Wernher von Braun, Robert Gilruth, Max Faget, Chris Kraft, Rocco Petrone, Oran Nicks, and Jim McDivitt.
The government also said Jose Imperatori, vice consul at the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, conspired with Faget and others to transmit sensitive information to Havana.
Vice-commodore Gustavo Faget, a 44-year-old father of five, had bombed British shipping and flew in the raid which ended with the Sir Galahad being turned into a funeral pyre for fifty Welsh Guardsmen.
From NASA, the list includes Max Faget, the late famed NASA spacecraft engineer.