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Vox populi—UK A cigarette
Vox populi—US A derogatory term for a gay man
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On Fridays we'd go to bed about 11 o'clock after a cup of tea down in the hotel, and Terry would read a book all night and have four or five fags during the course of it.
Mr Lowry said Fag Ends provided invaluable support lines for people who were struggling with quitting.
What kind of people would want a job as a fag warden?
Smoking is the biggest single cause of ill health and early death in the borough and we, and our colleagues at Roy Castle Fag Ends, are committed to doing everything we can to support local people to quit.
The first time I was referred to as a fag hag I was quite offended, because it sounded negative even though I didn't know what it meant.
At home Georgina much preferred watching telly to doing the housework - nowt wrong with that - and as a result her house boasted dead mice, mould and a tea towel which Fag Ash described as smelling like "the sheet of a thousand bums".
Miriam Bell, senior workplace smoking cessation adviser at Roy Castle Fag Ends, said: "It's important people who want to quit smoking are able to seek help in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
Bearing ball single row angular contact with polyamide cage :- skf 7306 becbp or fag 7306 b-tvp-ua- qty 8
The Voice of an Angel had to be told three times to stub out her fag at the non-smoking stadium.
You're a big fag," she said, pelting my lap with a McNugget.
I THOUGHT the title of the winner of I'mA Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here was The King of the Jungle not Serial Philanderer,Give Me A Fag, I Need A Drink.