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Abbreviation for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.


n a thing done; an event or a circumstance; an actual occurrence.
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Rather than getting bogged down in the dated and pointless debate over the factual accuracy photographs claim to convey, the editors and contributors of Picturing the Past seem more interested in the broader, sociocultural uses that historical photographs may provide.
Since books are society's most reliable record, Weinberg is justifiably alarmed at the lack of factual accuracy.
While Uviller seeks to assure his reader that his substantive proposals fit within the legal framework set up by Supreme Court decisions, he sometimes glosses over the question of whether the reasons behind these rulings lie solely in the search for factual accuracy.
The scope of a reference work such as this poses a significant challenge to the maintenance of factual accuracy.
Before the changes, if the practitioner disagreed with the factual accuracy of the report (and factual accuracy was the only basis for dispute), the formal review process was, and remains, both limited and complex.
I agree that much of this stuff does, indeed, confuse young minds and besmirch our history, but the factual accuracy issue is hardly the major problem.
Hauser to state specifically whether or not he stands behind the factual accuracy of the number 62 used in comparing the St.
Having recently finished Wolf Hall, Dr Matthews has a fan's interest in watching how it makes the leap to television, but he says the question of factual accuracy did come to him as he read.
The placement of hands, "a portrait within a portrait" reveals the true skill of a great artist to paint them in a natural position with anatomical accuracy; incorporating symbolic references and their factual accuracy based on intensive research of primary sources.
All we can do now is make sure that when you settle down to enjoy the film this Christmas, you loudly inform anyone within earshot of the correct singer, so that they can enjoy the film from a position of factual accuracy.
At times the article takes on all the factual accuracy of graffiti upon the wall of a public convenience.
Criteria: The Bulletin judges articles on relevance to the audience, factual accuracy, analysis of the information, structure and logical flow, style and ease of reading, and length.