Face Transplantation

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A self-explanatory procedure that was Hollywood fiction in 1997 (Face/Off, starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, John Woo, director), and a reality 10 years later, with operations planned or already under team belts in France, US, UK and China
Indications Patients disfigured by trauma, including gunshot wound, maulings—dogs, bears—burns, birth defects, neurofibromatosis, etc.
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The findings show the need to find ways to prevent, delay or reverse muscle and bone loss in face transplant patients, Pomahac said.
He said: "I never thought I would be sitting here after a face transplant.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NYU Langone Medical Center announced today the successful completion of the most extensive face transplant to date, setting new standards of care in this emerging field.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Recep Sert, the recipient of Turkey's fifth face transplant, was taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering from swelling around his face and abdominal area.
Richard Norris, the accidental gunshot victim who had a very successful face transplant thanks to Dr.
The Face Transplant is medical thriller writing at its best, is set in the near future, and revolves around facial transplant surgeon Dr.
DOCTORS in Spain are preparing to carry out the world's most complicated full face transplant.
Until now, deciding who qualifies for a hand or face transplant, and how to find a match and approach a potential donor's family all have been done on an informal, case-by-case basis.
His topics are animal blood, fabricating noses, the face transplant, the Manson effect, Robles disease, and Chagas' error.
Summary: Woman reveals face transplant after being burnt with lye in horrific attack.
THESE extraordinary pictures show what doctors say is the most extensive face transplant ever performed.
Washington, Mar 28 ( ANI ): A multi-disciplinary team of faculty physicians and a team of over 150 nurses and professional staff have completed the most extensive full face transplant ever, including both jaws, teeth, and tongue.