Face Plant

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The falling of a person on his face without having having used his hands or arms to soften the blow
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This winter you can use a half-pipe built to Olympic specs: a shallow concave at least 100 meters long from the drop-in, with walls at least 3 meters high - more than enough to let you boost some big backside air or to spin you into a face plant.
After Best Buy did another face plant because it can't compete with Amazon "show-rooming" trends, the "little big box" from Texas that does things differently bounced hard off of a breakout level in the low $60's.
Chris Samba was a very strange case, and one which will certainly make you want to seriously face plant for numerous reasons.
Just as he looked at me, I slipped and did a face plant in the mud.
Matt hit it on the way up and sacked it to face plant scorpion back.
How the lady overseeing the lift managed to keep a straight face as we slid off for a few seconds only to catch an edge and do face plant after face plant in the snow at her feet, I'll never know.
This one quickly ends in a face plant, but that doesn't deter her.
Those who do, he said, await a possible face plant in the water pit or a rather nasty collision with a barrier.
I finally let go of the handlebars just in time to break my fall and prevent my own face plant on the asphalt.
An Atlanta Hawks cheerleader had to be carted off the court on a stretcher after suffering a nasty face plant during one of the team's cheering routines.
so if I do a Goldie Hawn full-frontal face plant in my salad, please forgive me.
Josh Maready ollied the box to frontside boardslide to bloody face plant.