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n “flexed side-bent rotated,” an osteopathic abbreviation used to describe vertebral position in cases of spinal dysfunction.
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MSR (a) FSR (a) TS-530 (a) Interfacial agent (a) DBPMH (a) FSR 0 100 50 1 1 MFSR-85 15 85 50 4 1 MFSR-80 20 80 50 4 1 MFSR-70 30 70 50 4 1 MFSR-50 50 50 50 4 1 MFSR-40 60 40 50 4 1 MSR 100 0 50 1 1 (a.
To evaluate low temperature performance of blended MFSR and low temperature effects, such as crystallization, or those effects that were introduced by low temperature incompatibility of MSR and FSR, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) measurements were performed on a Pheometric scientific DSC SP instrument at a heating rate of 10[degrees]C/min from -150[degrees]C to 20[degrees]C.
Because of its lower caloric content, the FSR is classified by the Office of the Surgeon General as a restricted ration.
Safeway Property Insurance Company -- FSR of B (Fair) and ICR of "bb+" with a stable outlook
The FSR of B- pd (Fair) and ICR of "bb-" have been affirmed for Alliance for Community Health, LLC (d/b/a Mercy CarePlus).
The affirmation of the FSR for Union Labor Life recognizes its improved balance sheet position and operational strategy as well as its established niche in the increasingly competitive Taft-Hartley market.
Best has upgraded the FSR to B++ (Good) from B+ (Good) and the ICR to "bbb+" from "bbb-" of Life Insurance Corporation (International) B.
The FSR has been upgraded to C++ (Marginal) from C+ (Marginal) and an ICR of "b" has been assigned to Molina Healthcare New Mexico, a subsidiary of Molina Healthcare, Inc.
The FSR of B- (Fair) has been affirmed and an ICR of "bb-" has been assigned to WellCare of Florida, Inc.
Best has affirmed the FSR of B- (Fair) and assigned ICRs of "bb-" to Rutgers Casualty Insurance Group and its member, Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company.
has affirmed the financial strength rating (FSR) of B++ (Good) and the issuer credit rating (ICR) of "bbb" of National Security Fire and Casualty Company and the FSR of B+ (Good) and ICR of "bbb-" of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Omega One Insurance Company, Inc.
The FSR of A (Excellent) of Ohio Farmers, Westfield Group and Westfield Insurance Company is unchanged by this transaction.