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n “flexed side-bent rotated,” an osteopathic abbreviation used to describe vertebral position in cases of spinal dysfunction.
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MSR and FSR were blended in a Haake Torque Rheometer (Rheomix 600 OS, mixer; Thermo Fisher Scientific, German) at room temperature with a rotor speed of 40 rpm.
The FSR of AC (A Prime), Unsurpassed, assigned to Fidelity National Title Insurance Company has been affirmed.
The underlying architecture of Clarity FSR first lent itself to automating internal and external reports including filings to regulators such as the U.
The FSR is designed to be about half the size of the three MREs it replaces and it provides, on average, 2,900 calories per day.
Congratulations and thanks to TNT Brazil for their recent TAPA FSR certifications and commitment to security," said Dave Wilt, Chairman, Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) The Americas.
Using Clarity FSR, our people are finding more time to review and confirm the numbers, and add incisive commentary, in our annual accounts and management reports," says Young, who adds that, "FSR is a key component of our move from a financial environment that emphasises production, to one that is about adding value.
Unfortunately, the Army was in such poor condition during those decades, with 1934 being the low point, that it could do little to implement the FSRs, particularly FSR 1923.
With Clarity FSR, we've been able to fully automate the creation of our external reports, replacing a more labour intensive, manual process," said Michelle Boyer, Senior Director, Financial Reporting, PSS World Medical, Inc.
Accordingly, the FSR of B+ (Good) and ICR of "bbb-" of Prime Insurance Group (Sandy, UT), of which PIC and Prime Syndicate were pooled members, also were withdrawn, and a category NR-5 (Not Formally Followed) was assigned to the FSR and an "nr" to the ICR.
has withdrawn the financial strength rating (FSR) of A (Excellent) and issuer credit rating (ICR) of "a+" and assigned an NR-5 (Not Formally Followed) to the FSR and an "nr" to the ICR of Old Republic General Title Insurance Corporation (Old Republic General), a former affiliate of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company (ORNTIC) (Minneapolis, MN).
Allstate Floridian Insurance Group -- FSR of B+ (Good) and ICR of "bbb-" with a negative outlook