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fish protein concentrate


Abbreviation for:
activated protein C (see there)
adenomatous polyposis coli (see there)
aerobic plate count  (microbiology)
air pollution control
ammonium perchlorate
amyloid pack core 
antigen-presenting cell (see there)
antiphlogistic-corticoid (obsolete)
aperature current
apneustic centre  (neuroanatomy)
arterial premature contraction
aspirin, phenacetin, caffeine
Association of Pathology Chairmen
Association of Professors of Cardiology
atrial premature contraction (see there)
Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib (clinical trials)
ambulatory payment classification (see there) (Managed care)
APC gene (molecular medicine)
APC protein (molecular medicine)

A gene on chromosome 5q21-q22 that encodes a tumour-suppressor protein which acts as an antagonist of the Wnt signalling pathway. APC is also involved in cell migration and adhesion, transcriptional activation, and apoptosis.

Molecular Pathology
APC mutations cause familial adenomatous polyposis.


Abbrev. for Family Practitioner Committee.
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Buying through a consortium would enable FPC members to get the best price for fuel as well as other raw materials used in the fresh produce supply chain, he added.
From the environmental perspective, the three main benefits derived from FPC are:
Despite assurances from the government and financial community that the economy would likely recover in 2002, the FPC took a decidedly conservative approach to the FY02-03 budget.
As South Korea accounted for 23% of the Group's revenue for 2010, we will continue to support, focus and invest in this market to grow the FPC business.
Martin Taylor joined the FPC as an external member on 1 April 2013 when the Committee was established.
FPC industry import/export consumption, supply and demand figures and cost price and production value gross margins are also provided.
FPC markets, develops and produces biometric components and technologies that verify a person's identity through fingerprints.
However, the FPC did acknowledge that a recovery in the housing market was underway and broadening after the financial crisis of 2008.
The FPC, an official committee of the Bank of England, chaired by the Bank's governor Sir Mervyn King, meets on an interim basis before it is given full legislative powers next year.
Lee says FPC has always tried to diversify markets.
Global Banking News-June 15, 2011--BoE's FPC could target shadow banking activities(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Consumers who committed to eating only British and seasonal fruit and veg during winter faced boring meals, the FPC said.