false-negative ratio

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false-negative ratio



The ratio of subjects affected by an illness whose test results wrongly suggest they are disease-free to all those subjects who have the disease. The false-negative ratio of a test is useful in determining the test's reliability (i.e., the higher the ratio, the less reliable the test).

A high FNR may be biological or analytical in origin. Biological false-negative test results may occur when a test is performed at the wrong stage of an illness (e.g., before an antibody or antigen is found in the blood). Analytical false negatives may result when a test lacks adequate sensitivity or specificity to detect an agent that is already present.

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Results showed a 0% per patient FNR, indicating that 99m-Tc-tilmanocept accurately identified those nodes with the highest probability of containing tumor metastases.
In contrast, from Figure 5 we can see that the FNR of IEntropy reaches 100% at the 20th round and is the worst among the five schemes.
Rather, it is in the theory of state of the FNR where radical ideas are endorsed.
The FNR series features two C&K NP series sealed push buttons that are RoHS-compliant with aluminum housings.
In the development of diagnostic screening tests, it is clearly desirable to lower both the FNR and FPR as much as possible.
The experimental FNR is presented as the number of negative results vs total number of replicates (Table 1A) and as a percentage (Table 1B).
Federal unions have begun running anti-outsourcing ads, and the number of calls on the topic to FNR has skyrocketed.
Auto Business News-April 17, 2015--General Motors to launch FNR concept vehicle at 2015 Auto Shanghai
FNR = [absolute value of (topkP(D) [union] topkP ([bar.
Performance measurement for stress detection Stress Optimal subset: (F1, F3, RMS, detectors Mean pitch, Maximum pitch, Shimmer, Jitter, PSD38) Dimension: 8 SDR (%) FPR (%) FNR (%) SVM 1 (C = 4.
Oxford is pleased to expand our existing relationships with such well-respected operators as Continuum Healthcare and Pritok Capital, and establish new relationships with FNR Healthcare and Synergy Health Centers," said Christopher A.
FNR = the number of foreground pixels wrongly classified/ the number of foreground pixels in the ground truth