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17) However, with gadoxetic acid, hepatic adenomas have been reported to be hyperintense with respect to the adjacent liver on the hepatocellular phase of image acquisition, which yields overlapping imaging features with FNH and precludes definitive differentiation in these cases.
FNH lesions are mildly T2*-hyperintense on the precontrast phase.
In the Open Division, the stars aligned for Mark Hanish (Team FNH USA Pro) and Dianna Liedorff (Team Benelli) as they came out unscathed as the top shooters.
com) introduced their 5-25x56mm PM II LP riflescope about two years ago, and it provides the magnification required to precisely access the accuracy potential of the FNH SPR A5M rifle sent to SHOTGUN NEWS for test and evaluation.
Peacemaker National Training Center President and Owner Cole McCulloch says, "The FNH Team lead by Ken Pfau and Tommy Thacker have been great to work with and their offer to provide the match staff, awards, etc.
The most recent example of the insignificance placed upon small arms by those whose fingers rarely touch a trigger, but decide the fate of those whose fingers rarely touch a computer's keyboard, is the cancellation of the FNH SCAR-L rifle.
FNH USA announces the Killeen, Texas, police department has purchased 231 new FN 15 Carbines.
I hadn't cleaned it (except for wiping the caked mud off the stock, splashed there by a passing four-wheeler) and was using whatever ammo FNH had along to be used.
The consolidation of FN Manufacturing and FNH USA creates an exciting opportunity for efficiency, growth and profitability," said Mark Cherpes, president and CEO of FNH USA.
HiViz Shooting Systems has added FNH USA to their already comprehensive list of handgun sights.
FNH USA received notification from the USSOCOM Program Executive Office-SOF Warrior (PEO-SW) that the SCAR Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) was approved and signed on April 14, 2010.