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coll O157:H7 would be labeled "adulterated" under the FMIA.
section] 451 (2006)), were enacted as amendments to FMIA and PPIA, but served primarily to create uniformity in the regulation of meat and poultry products.
After discussing what it means to "take" FMIA leave, the court stated that "we interpret the requirement than an employer 'take' FMLA leave to connote invocation of FMLA rights, not actual commencement of leave.
has also assigned an FSR of A- (Excellent) and an ICR of 'a-' to FMG Insurance Limited (FMGIL), a newly formed subsidiary of FMIA.
The rating of FMIA, the parent entity of Farmers' Mutual Group (FMG), and FMIL is based on FMG's well established presence in New Zealand's rural sector, its broad distribution coverage and changes in the investments held in the general insurance portfolio in New Zealand.