foot-and-mouth disease virus

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foot-and-mouth dis·ease vi·rus

a picornavirus of the genus Aphthovirus, family Picornaviridae, which causes foot-and-mouth disease of cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and wild ruminants; it has wide distribution throughout Africa and Asia, causing serious economic losses; the virus is spread by contamination of the animal environment with infected saliva and excreta.
Synonym(s): FMD virus
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These conditions include the following: the animals showed no clinical sign of FMD on the day of shipment; were kept since birth or for at least the past three months in an FMD-free country or zone where vaccination is not practiced or an FMD-free compartment; and if transiting an infected zone, the animals were not exposed to any source of FMD virus during transportation to the place of shipment.
Antibody titer of the sample, for both Pasteurella multocida and FMD virus, was determined by Complement Fixation Test (CFT).
This new technology allows FMD vaccines to be made without the biosecurity hazard of having actual FMD virus in a US manufacturing facility.
Serum samples were tested for the presence of antibodies against non-structural protein (3ABC) of FMD virus using CHEKIT FMD-3ABC bo-ov kit (IDEXX laboratories, USA).
Tenders are invited for Electrification of FMD Virus typing Laboratory of 1AH & VB Belgachia Kolkata Arrangement of Security light at quality control Building incl Repairing work of Garage & Animal HOuse incl Allied work at B.
In October 2015, the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory of the Ohio Department of Agriculture received vesicle tissue, a vesicle swab sample, and whole blood from a sow with vesicular disease for rule-out testing for FMD virus (FMDV).
After animals are infected by FMD virus (FMDV), a proportion of those animals becomes carriers, because FMDV remains actively replicating in the pharyngeal region [2].
FMD virus serotype O vaccine strain with enhanced thermo- stability was constructed using reverse genetic approach, he added.
Pakistan will also send some FMD virus isolates/ samples for characterization in Turkey.
Similarly oil based FMD virus vaccine induced higher antibody titer in sheep as compared to the gel based or nonadjuvantFMD virus vaccines[19].
Referring to the recent livestock studies done in the country, he suggested a single buffalo affected by FMD virus costs the farmer over eighteen thousand rupees for six months of milk production.
For example, researchers have discovered the primary site where FMD virus infection begins--a region in the back of the cow's throat.