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Abbreviation for free induction decay.


abbreviation for free-induction decay.


Abbreviation for free induction decay.


(de-tek'tor) [L. detector, revealer]
A device for determining the presence of something, e.g., an image detector.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.

flat field image detector

Flat panel image detector.

flat panel image detector

An image detector, usually composed of selenium or silicon, used in digital radiography to convert x-rays into light or an electronic signal.
Synonym: flat field image detector

image detector

Any device used in radiology to receive and record energy emitted in imaging from its source. Examples of image detectors are x-ray cassettes, imaging plates, ultrasonic transducers, and flat panel detectors.

lie detector


optical detector

The sensor in a typical colorimeter or photometer that senses the light transmitted by the sample.

radiation detector

An instrument used to detect the presence of radiation.
See: dosimeter

Toftness radiation detector

A device promoted as a means of detecting energy released by damaged spinal nerves. It was used in the late 20th century in chiropractic. The device has no diagnostic or therapeutic value and is illegal to use in the U.S.

flame ionization detector

Abbreviation: FID
A device used in gas chromatography in which a sample burned in a flame changes the conductivity between two electrodes.
See also: detector
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Two-way ANOVAs (scenario and FIDS Group on sexual arousal change and positive affect change) were performed using the change scores (from pre- to post-).
CONRAC has the advantage to be able to cover not only the display and controller hardware, but also the entire FIDS software which allows us to provide the full solution right from the start.
The iFIDS product receives basic scheduling data from participating carriers and feeds it to its client airports' FIDS.
In addition, larger airports can use FlightVision as a back-up system for both planned interruptions and unplanned breakdowns of the main FIDS.
A long-time player in the airport FIDS market, of over 30 years' experience, the company is now the largest supplier of flat panel displays in Europe and has over 200,000 sq feet (18,000[m.
We are also proud that regional airports with a small budget have chosen a standard Infologic FIDS with CDB functionality, i.
For an airport, the breakdown of its FIDS would be considerably damaging to its passenger flow, so you will need to take into account what maintenance programmes are required in order to be sure that defective monitors can be quickly replaced.
Typically, the FIDS client application, which is used by an operator to enter and modify flight data, is installed on each operator workstation.
FIDS -- the customer-facing element of TEAM -- keeps Bristol's passengers up-to-date with the latest flight information and is also utilised by the airport personnel who process them.
Because of the size of the new terminal, the FIDS project demanded an enormous integration effort so that it includes over 450 monitors and liquid crystal display (LCD) signs, located in ticket and baggage areas and in customs.
We teamed up with them on other San Francisco installations and we worked with them on a FIDS system for Indianapolis.
Currently used at 12 airports worldwide -- most recently installed at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport -- the AODB and FIDS services are already key elements in SITA's global airport solution set.