flexor hallucis brevis

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flexor hallucis brevis

short flexor muscle of great toe; a muscle that inserts in the base of the proximal phalanx of the great toe and flexes it. It is innervated by the medial plantar nerve.

flexor hallucis brevis

; FHB fourth-layer intrinsic foot muscle
  • origin from plantar aspect of cuboid and adjoining fascia; divided into two bellies

  • insertion into medial and lateral margins of plantar aspect of proximal phalanx of hallux (medial tendon with abductor hallucis tendon, and lateral tendon with adductor hallucis tendon); each FHB tendon contains a sesamoid bone which contributes to first metatarsophalangeal joint depth and function

  • nerve supply medial plantar nerve

  • action first metatarsophalangeal joint flexion, and assisting forefoot adduction

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Knowledge of isolate characteristics in terms of aggressiveness in any location is necessary for predicting the pathogenic potential of FHB pathogens and for the deployment of resistance in a given location.
Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said that "The updated restructuring plan and the additional remuneration for the capital it received ensure that FHB will become viable without continued state support and that the distortions of competition created by the aid are adequately addressed".
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FHB backstops feature a higher speed range and greater torque capacity in a smaller envelope compared to competitive models, the company says.
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