Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Federal Emergency Management Agency



The agency of the federal government that supervises civil defense, disaster planning, and emergency medical services in communities that have suffered floods, tornados, hurricanes, and other catastrophes.

Federal Emergency Management Agency,

n.pr a government organization based in the United States that provides assistance, planning, and other services related to disaster management.
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Replacing Stalin with Mother Theresa or Albert Einstein would have been no more helpful for the Soviet economy than replacing Michael Brown or the current FEMA director with one of these individuals would be.
Acting FEMA Director Dave Paulison said the agency is already stocking up on food, ice and medicine to ensure there are no shortages.
Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job," the president told the FEMA director on his first post-Katrina visit to the Gulf Coast.
While seismic hazard in the United States has remained fairly constant over the years, seismic risk has been increasing substantially," explains FEMA Director James Lee Witt.
Amazing as it sounds, James Lee Witt was the first FEMA director with real experience in disaster management--he had served as Arkansas' state emergency management director.
28, 8:45 - 9:30 am), James Lee Witt, CEO, James Lee Witt Associates and Former FEMA Director will present, "Catastrophe Protection Before, During and After a Catastrophe Strikes," a look at what it takes for the business arena to be prepared for the next big disaster.
Former FEMA director Joe Allbaugh, who took the reins of Gov.
The Chinese government discovered many deficiencies in its emergency management process following the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 and remembered Witt's expertise as FEMA director.
13, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- During a keynote at the National Press Club today, former FEMA Director and CEO of Witt Associates James Lee Witt joined a broad-based group of stakeholders calling for a public auction of valuable 700 MHz spectrum as the most efficient and effective way to ensure construction of a nationwide, interoperable broadband network for our nation's first responders.
Sauerbrey lacks Brown's keen knowledge of Arabian horses, but in all other respects she appears just as unqualified to handle disaster relief efforts as was the disgraced former FEMA director.