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Francesco, Italian physician, 1832-1913. See: Riga-Fede disease.
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Meanwhile, the key design features for the FEDI system include reduced susceptibility to scaling and better handling of varying feed water quality.
These design improvements are advantageous, as the FEDI system is designed to replace mixed-bed technology.
QUA's FEDI is used globally, with installations at numerous sites in the USA, Europe and Asia.
QUA's patented FEDI technology represents the next generation of EDI technology for the production of high purity water.
With patented dual voltage technology, QUA's FEDI technology is the next generation of electrodeionization (EDI) technology for the production of high purity water.
In a short span of two years, the QUA Group's Q SEP and FEDI have more than 50 combined large global installations including various sites in the USA to showcase their performance and ROI potential.
FEDI is composed of an EDI translator to support a large set of standard financial EDI formats, a customization tool to support proprietary formats and a VAN interface.
The TransLink software package provides our members with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to the complex requirements of Financial EDI and allows them to respond to the growing demand for FEDI Translation and Remittance Delivery Services," said Mark Keeling, vice president of The Bankers' Bank of Oklahoma.
In addition to this unique capability, PayBase 32 offered the FEDI translation capability we wanted for our future applications.
Starting with the NETS EFTPOS, the Banks have over the last 11 years, introduced other services such as ATMNETS, TransLink self-service farecard machine, NETS FEDI (Financial Electronic Data Interchange), NETSkiosk, Cashcard and now facilitate Electronic Commerce.
The acquisition solidifies Sterling's leadership position in FEDI software -- a key market within the company's rapidly growing electronic commerce business that addresses payments between corporations and banks.
FEDI is used by trading partners to remit critical payment information necessary for daily operations.